AAA for EVs: Renault Will Save Drivers From Battery-Depleted Electric Cars

Renault EV

For most electric vehicle drivers, so-called “range anxiety” shouldn’t be an issue–drivers usually have enough foresight to stop at a gas station before gasoline runs out, so why wouldn’t the same be true for EVs? Granted, there are fewer charging stations than gas stations currently on the streets, which is presumably why French automaker Renault is advertising a “get you home guarantee” for its electric vehicles.


Autobloggreen reports that Renault will offer a replacement vehicle for stranded motorists while their EV charges up–assuming that the vehicle ran out of juice within what it deems a realistic range. Renault’s upcoming EVs include the Fluence, Zoe, Kangoo, and Twizy (all set to be released in Europe; Twizy, right). A realistic range for the $9,799 Twizy, for example, is 60 miles–so a driver whose vehicle peters out at 58 miles would get a free ride and charge from Renault.

Renault isn’t the only EV manufacturer offering roadside assistance. Tesla also offers free roadside assistance to its customers. Nissan says it is considering roadside assistance possibilities for its Leaf EV customers–but the automaker claims that its onboard telematics system should help drivers find a charging station before the vehicle runs out of power.

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