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SXSW 2011 Highlight Reel: GroupMe, Privacy, and Getting "Zucked With"

1.     Steve Martocci talks entrepreneurship life in NYC. How NYC is critical to giving GroupMe the life and feedback it needs to grow. 


2.     Steve answers whether they have a desire to be acquired by anyone, and Jared answers whether anyone can be an entrepreneur. 

3.     Jared Hecht explains how GroupMe is different from the competition. "It's a tool to work for anyone, anywhere, at anytime."

4.    Steve Martocci tells how "we pay our engineers really well."

5.     Steve and Jared both give their take on how to be successful in a noisy social mobile market. 

6.     Steve Martocci tells a story about how GroupMe brought his family and friends closer together when his father was in the hospital. 

7.     Steve talks about the importance of privacy for his company's users—and how neither he nor they care to be "Zucked with."

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