The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Media

From Univision to Flipboard, these companies are revolutionizing how we watch and consume information.

Univision Networks president Cesar Conde in Miami


01 / Univision >>

For pleasing its Latino base, and threatening the TV network establishment. Univision reaches 95% of U.S. Hispanic households, making it one of the top five networks in any language.

02 / The Huffington Post

For creating an online aggregator and tech-savvy news site–and getting acquired by AOL for $315 million.

03 / Discovery Communications

For making bold programming moves. Their partnership with Sony and IMAX will create the world’s first 3-D network. The launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network may not being going as planned, but with the recent schedule changes and a new push of its celebrity shows, we’re not willing to count Oprah out yet.


04 / Touch Press

For setting the bar for what a book should look like on the iPad.

05 / Starlight Runner Entertainment

For pioneering the field of “transmedia” by packaging stories across multiple platforms. Projects such as Disney’s Prince of Persia and James Cameron’s Avatar are only the beginning.

06 / Twitter >>

For finding a real pathway to making money in the social media world through companies’ branded and promoted tweets.


07 / Flipboard

For effectively creating the world’s first social magazine. By aggregating news, images, video, social network updates, and shared links, Flipboard has turned piles of information into a more useful–and beautiful–user experience.

08 / Ace Broadcasting Network

For building a podcasting empire that boasts more than 60 million listeners, who consistently push the pieces into the top 10 of iTunes podcasts. Founded by Adam Carolla in 2009, the network hosts shows starring everyone from comedian Larry Miller to former NBA star John Salley.

09 / Texas Tribune

For creating a not-for-profit, non-partisan news site that may just be the future of local journalism.


10 / Jumpwire Media

For developing groundbreaking new tech that uses data to figure out which TV shows to syndicate in different countries.

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[Photograph by: Bob Croslin]


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