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Top Apps, Links, And Tricks If You're Going to SXSW--And If You're Not

Here's some fun apps, links, and tricks to try if you're headed down to Austin this weekend, and if you're not.

If You're Going:
Is Scoble In this Room? Is legendary socialmediahead (and former Fast Company columnist) Robert Scoble in the same room with you RIGHT THIS MINUTE? Find out.

Follow the Most influential individuals at SXSW on Twitter: According to O'Reilly Media, this year the usual suspects (Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki) are joined by The Office star Rainn Wilson.

Download the Groundlink car service app and get $10 car rides around town.

"Hug a stranger for 5 seconds." The Situationist is an app that spurs you to interact with others in odd ways reminiscent of the 1960s bohemian absurdists for which it is named.

And, If You're Not:
Mute "OMG Breakfast taco blah blah blah" updates on Twitter by keyword: Tweetagora, Muuter.