Results: Charlie Sheen Pulls in 400,000 Clicks for Tweet Sponsorship

Charlie Sheen tweet seeking intern

Vatican assassin Charlie Sheen may not be pulling in millions for long as an employed sitcom star, but online, this highly evolved warlock may just have some #tigerblood left yet. Earlier this week, Sheen signed on with Los Angeles-based startup, which helps pair social media celebs with major brand endorsements. Sheen’s first sponsorship? Internship website

Can Sheen’s social media prowess break this startup into the major leagues? Or is his buzz just a fad that will wither like the wrinkly backsides of so many trolls?

Well, the results are in, and according to spokesperson Krista Thomas’s figures, Sheen’s impact on has been off the charts. Within the first hour, the link Sheen tweeted out was clicked 95,333 times. In 48 hours, that number ballooned to more than 410,000 clicks. The hashtag #TigerBloodIntern became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. And, most significantly, received 74,040 applications from 181 countries.

That’s quite a lot of shockwaves from a single tweet.

How much did it cost CEO Arnie Gullov-Singh declined to reveal the endorsement deal to the Wall Street Journal, but did say that it was the highest amount ever paid in the company’s history.

Still, while Sheen is no doubt the most tweet-worthy star of the last week or two, there’s a question whether his magical powers over the Twitter-sphere are attracting users to or to learn more about what it takes to be Sheen’s intern. Will they ever go back to the website without the pull of something so inherently viral?

Well, maybe if Sheen needs a second intern.

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