New App Turns Your E-Reader Into a GPS Unit

Android GPS

A new app on the Android Market could turn your Nook Color into a GPS unit. TetherGPS is a newly launched app (it runs $2.99, but there’s a free “lite” version) that turns devices you thought were condemned to a nomadic, GPS-less existence into street-smart, location-aware tablets.

It does this in a fairly simple way: via Wi-Fi. The only catch is you have to have two Android devices already. You take your one Android device without GPS (the Nook Color, or another tablet), tether it to one that does have onboard GPS (an HTC Evo, say), and the one winds up feeding GPS data to the other.

Wait a minute, though–if you already had GPS on the one device, why do you care about getting it on the other? Maybe the Nook Color’s larger display is just what you need to safely navigate while on the highway. Or maybe you crave knowing exactly where you are when you’re reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (Now you’ll never get, er, lost in a book again.)

Or maybe, more likely, you want to use your Android phone to take a video of yourself using your Nook Color as a GPS unit, like this guy–hey, it could happen: