YikeBike: Yeah or Nay on the Foldable, Electric Bicycle?


By and large, the bicycle hasn’t undergone major structural overhauls since Germany’s Karl Von Drais slapped two wheels, a seat, and a handlebar together in 1817.

Until now — meet the YikeBike.

If the Segway and the unicycle met, tossed back a few shooters and spun their wheels until one of them got knocked up, Yikes would be their offspring.

Invented by Grant Ryan of New Zealand, this two-wheeled, electrically powered individual transport platform:

— weighs in at 20 pounds

— reaches a top speed of 14 mph

— has a range of six miles

— is equipped with anti-skid brakes

— fits into the trunk of your car

Ranked by Time magazine as one of the top inventions of 2009, the Yike was recently made available to the public, according to the Huffington Post.

“What we have done is take a fresh approach to cycle design to give people freedom to commute easily and quickly in crowded urban environments with a minimal carbon footprint,” Ryan told Simple Green Choices in 2009.

Is this electric bike — or any motorized conveyance, for that matter — more eco-friendly than a bicycle powered by sweat and brawn? Obviously not, but it is certainly greener than a car.

One major drawback is its wallet-gutting $3,600 price tag.

Whaddya think? Do you know anyone who would drop three and a half large for the no-pedal bike of tomorrow?

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[Images by YikeBike]