Why You Need a Business Card and Cher Doesn’t

Cher tells a great story about being at a wedding with a friend. She heads to the ladies room and another woman follows her in. This woman stops Cher as she comes out of the stall and exclaims, “You are the best one I have ever seen! Do you have a card?” To which Cher replies, “No, I don’t have a f****ng card and there is a reason I’m the best you have ever seen.” You’ll get this later and laugh … .

Do you have a business card on you right now? Recently I was at a conference (a great networking opportunity) and was surprised at the number of people who didn’t have a card or had to scratch out old (or wrong) information on the card they had and write in corrections.

This is the first impression someone may have of you. What does it say about your professionalism, when you don’t have a card? It makes you forgettable. And, if you have to scratch something out on the card, well that definitely makes you memorable – in a bad way.

Dayna Steele and Peter Shankman Business Cards

Always have something in your pocket to leave behind. I have a guitar pick. Social media and business guru Peter Shankman has a poker chip. It doesn’t always have to be a regulation business card, but it does have to be professional or cool. Unless you are robbing a bank, you want to be memorable.

Anywhere. Anytime. Anybody. If someone asks, you want to have something to leave behind because you f***ing aren’t Cher.

Dayna Steele is a serial entrepreneur and author who travels the country creating rock stars with her “Rock Star Principles of Success.” Follow her on Twitter @daynasteele. You can listen to the podcast version of her Fast Company Leader blogs on iTunes.