The Fast Company Scorecard: iPad 2 [UPDATED]

Introducing the Fast Company Scorecard. For this first installment, we’ve gathered the most convincing iPad rumors in order to check how accurate our predictions are. In a few hours we’ll know if Apple delivers on all the hype (and if we deliver on our forecast).

We’ve covered the various iPad 2 rumors, leaks and predictions for months now, carefully gathering what seemed to be the best, most interesting and perhaps most convincing facts into one place for you. Now it’s iPad 2 day, time for Apple’s team (which may or may not include a “guest” appearance by Steve Jobs) to strut on stage and reveal all to the world.


So we’ve built a scorecard for you, summarizing before the event those rumors we think will turn up as fact. We’ll update it later, checking off how accurate the predictions were.


Category Prediction     True/False?

Chassis: Thinner, lighter, smaller, aluminum body TRUE!
Shape: Flatter than the iPad 1 TRUE!
Colors: White and black glass front options, aluminum back TRUE!
Screen 9.7-inch IPS unit, thinner, same 1024 by 768 pixels TRUE!
Bezel Narrower all around, to combat the critics TRUE!
Chip: ARM Cortex A9, Dual Core 1.2 GHz Unclear, but 1GHz
Chip name: A5 TRUE!
Front camera: 2-megapixel “HD” webcam, Photo Booth, FaceTime False, it’s VGA
Rear camera: 3-megapixel (possibly 3.2) for imaging. No flash Unclear. No flash
Video recording: 720p HD resolution on rear cam TRUE!
Speakers: Enlarged speaker port, lower corner of chassis TRUE!
Device storage: Boosted to 512MB, to match iPhone 4 Unknown
Internal storage: User storage space stays at 16GB, 32GB, 64GB TRUE!
SD card slot: Nope! TRUE!
30-pin iPod socket: Yes, as with every iDevice TRUE! No microUSB here
Thunderbolt: Yes: maximize the new protocol, connect to HDTVs False, but HDMI-out
iOS5 previewed: Yes, a small tease, due Summer False, just iOS4.3
Cloud MobileMe: Yes, a big reveal, also has Mac powers False, sadly
Arrival date: Within March TRUE!
Price: This is the biggie… at or below existing (starting at $499) TRUE!

Apple’s notoriously tricky to predict at the best of times–with the recent MacBook Pro refresh, which didn’t live up to most people’s expectations, as a classic example. How well do you think we’ll do?

Update: The answer to that question is pretty well! We’re sad about the lack of Thunderbolt, and the missing MobileMe update is a shame, but everything else we mis-guessed is pretty understandable.


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