U.S. Army iPhone App Lets Soldiers Blog From Anywhere

Army iPhone app

The Army has launched a new iPhone app that embraces both the hot-to-trot social media trend and booming smartphone sales.

According to Army press notes, the new app is a “natural extension of the Army’s ongoing commitment to engage potential recruits via social media channels.” It’s dubbed “Army Strong Stories,” as part of the developing Army Strong recruitment/PR drive, and it’s a two-way portal to Army-related news and to enable “users to share their own Army Strong story, post comments” and promote the Army via career-related info.

In particular the app’s designed to let users “upload written content, photos and videos,” meaning that it “enables every army soldier to blog anytime, anywhere.” There’s also a free website that mimics some of the same skills, and it’s designed to be compatible with iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android and webOS.

With past recruiting slumps in mind (2010 by contrast was a “banner year,” the Army is seemingly trying to maximize the exposure to this new facility, and it specifically mentions recent Nielsen research data that shows 50% of Americans will own a smartphone by the end of 2011–meaning an increasing number of soldiers will also be using the devices to read news and connect to people, particularly if they’re away from their home base, their home, or colleagues. Army PR notes that the Army recruiting page on Facebook already has 76,000 fans, over a thousand Twitter followers, and “more than 92,000 MySpace fans.”


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