• 02.24.11

Space Shuttles and Regrets

Is there something you have been putting off because you are just too busy or you can’t get yourself (or business) organized enough to take advantage of an offer? I’m not talking about something you’ve put off because you can’t afford it. If that is the case, find some discipline, save your money and get it done; but that’s another blog for another day.

People are always surprised when the subject of regrets comes up in a conversation and I say I don’t have any. OK. There’s one. I wish I had gone to Berlin the weekend the Berlin Wall came down. I seriously considered running up my credit card just to fly there, dance on the wall with the celebrating Germans and fly back two hours later. Seeing that I was a broke radio deejay at the time, I decided the credit cards were maxed enough already and it wasn’t a good idea. So not really necessarily a regret but more a ‘you have no money, stay home’ smart decision.

Dayna Steele NASA Space Shuttle Columbia

What are you putting off? What are you saying you will get to another day? Remember, once they become regrets, it’s too late.

PS Godspeed Discovery!

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