• 02.24.11

Topless, Electric, and Smart: The New Forspeed Convertible EV Brings Sexy to Streets

The manufacturer of tiny, efficient vehicles, plans to debut a convertible vehicle at next month’s International Motor Show in Geneva.

Smart Forspeed convertible

A Smart convertible? It’s not as unlikely as it sounds. Smart, manufacturer of tiny, efficient vehicles, plans to debut a topless vehicle at next month’s 2011 International Motor Show in Geneva.


The electric Smart Forspeed is a sexier spinoff of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive vehicle, which has a top and is currently in testing in the U.S. and Europe, according to CNET. The Forspeed’s stats aren’t that impressive–it revs up to 37 MPH in 5.5 seconds and has a top speed of 75 mph–but does anyone buy a Smart car for speed?

Smart Forspeed

The vehicle can juice up from zero to 80% charge in 45 minutes using a 220-volt outlet. It can also reach up to 85 miles before needing a recharge.

Rumor has it that Smart doesn’t plan on putting the Forspeed into production because of fears about profitability. But components of the Forspeed (i.e. wind deflectors with attached solar cells that power onboard electronics) could ultimately find their way into other Smart vehicles.

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