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We would've gotten to this post earlier but we just kinda' put it off. So... Sorry, sidetracked again! But we're here now! And we've got a great little product to tell you about: a clock designed to help procrastinators — well okay, anyone really, but especially procrastinators — organize their lives. Should, Coulda, Woulda, by Swedish design student Maria Bergström, is a blank-face wall clock that comes with a set of colorful leather-covered magnets. The magnets represent tasks you want to accomplish throughout the day. Stick 'em onto the clock according to when you want to complete your work and behold: a gentle reminder of all the things you need to get done. Finish a task on time and reward yourself by removing the corresponding magnet. If you don't finish on time? The clock's hand pushes the magnet forward. Dally on all your tasks and the hand pushes all the magnets forward — a slightly less gentle reminder of your laggardly ways. The photos do a good job of showing how this thing works. Here, in the first picture, some plucky worker has marked the clock with his goals for the day: Whoops, looks like he fluffed it on a couple of them: And another... C'mon, dude. We think this is an awesome idea, not least of all because you can totally ignore it if you're not feeling motivated. Unfortunately, the clock's just a prototype, so it's not for sale. But if it were, we bet serial procrastinators everywhere would snap it up — if, that is, they weren't always putting it off. [Images courtesy of Maria Bergström; hat tip to Design Sponge]