Use Foursquare to Check In and Get Inspired Like CEOs of Our Most Innovative Companies

Fast Company foursquare page

Twitter was hatched on a San Francisco playground. Netflix grew from a confrontation at Canyon Video. Ask anyone who works at this year’s crop of Most Innovative Companies, and they’ll tell you that inspiration usually strikes outside the office–at pubs, churches, theaters, restaurants, and anywhere (and everywhere) in between.

With that in mind, we rounded up 100 places around the globe that rouse the people behind our 2011 list of Most Innovative Companies—no blasé corporate headquarters allowed. And we partnered with Foursquare to turn this trivia-fest into a game.

Here’s how it works: Simply follow Fast Company on Foursquare to access our complete list of MIC hotspots. Then visit any venue, and check in to see an insider “tip” about why it’s important. (Example: “Gourmet Haus Staudt — Apple engineer Gray Powell once partied so hard at this German beer garden that he lost an iPhone 4 prototype. The device was eventually dissected on the blog Gizmodo, a full two months before its June 2010 release date.”) Once you’ve logged two check-ins, you’ll get a brand-new BIG IDEA badge. Think of it as the world’s first “innovation” scavenger hunt. Or at least a fun way to learn impress-your-friends factoids.

Oh, and if you manage to visit all 100 places, please let us know. We can’t guarantee a prize, but we’ll certainly give you bragging rights–and maybe even a shout-out on Twitter.

Game on!DM