• 02.14.11

Porsche Previews the Flashy All-Electric Boxster E

It’s official: Porsche owns the sexy electric supercar sector.

Porsche Boxster E

Porsche has recently emerged as an unlikely champion of the electric vehicle, first with the 918 plug-in hybrid Spyder supercar, then with the 918 RSR hybrid (a modified Spyder), and now with the all-electric Boxster E. It’s official: Porsche owns the sexy concept electric supercar sector.


The Boxster E features 240 horsepower, goes from 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds, and contains a 29 kWh battery pack that allows for a 100-mile range before recharging, according to Autobloggreen. Porsche plans on testing three Boxster E’s in Stuttgart, Germany, in the next few months, treating them as so-called rolling laboratories for electric technology.

The Spyder and RSR hybrids are set to be released commercially in the coming years, but Porsche hasn’t revealed its plans for the Boxster E. That’s unfortunate–we would rather see the electric Boxster E on the market than the RSR, which is more focused on performance than fuel economy. If Porsche’s tests with the Boxster E go well, however, technology from the vehicle will almost certainly be used in future Porsche EVs.

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