Infographic of the Day: How the Green Bay Packers Won Super Bowl XLV

We’re still savoring Green Bay’s victory in Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers (sorry Steeler fans). So we’re pretty thrilled to bring you today’s infographic of the day, a stunning new poster by Chartball which summarizes the Packers’s miraculous season.

Simply put, we can’t think of anything that’s been left out here:


[Click to view larger]

Let’s dig into some of the details, because they’re superb. On the left of the chart, you can see several breakdowns of player performance, such as these, showing the output of the receivers and running backs. And you can actually discern what made the Pack’s Super Bowl win so improbable: Over the course of the season players, such as Driver, Finley, and Kuhn, drop out due to injury, leaving unheralded players to pick up the load:


But maybe the best detail of all are the breakdowns of each and every playoff game that led to the Super Bowl — each offensive drive and defensive stand is stacked chronologically, so that you can really relive the ebb and flow of the games. What comes through is Aaron Rodger’s clutch play, leading the team on crucial drive after crucial drive. And here is his 300 yard, 3 touchdown masterpiece in the big game:


The poster is available for just $43 as a 24″x36″ print, which you can buy here.CK