iGuardianTeen App Spies on Your Kid’s Driving Habits

Want to make sure your teenager is driving safely? A new Android app called iGuardianTeen purports to do just that, acting like Big Brother for young drivers, logging speed, GPS, acceleration, location, and distance traveled and sending information via email to worried parents after each drive (or after an accident). And that’s just the beginning of the app’s monitoring features.

Drivers mount the app on their dashboard, where it continuously logs video (the last five minutes of each session are saved to the SD card), reports any phone use during the drive, monitors for hard turns, acceleration and braking,  provides a warning sound when teens are engaging in unsafe driving behavior, and even gives parents the option to receive constant text message updates during the drive.

The $19.99 app is a neurotic parent’s dream come true, and in many cases could provide useful feedback to drivers. But it could also feed parental worries–and who’s to say that a rebellious teenager won’t just turn it off during driving sessions that they want to hide from their parents? But for teens with a track record of getting into accidents, it may be worth a try.

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