• 02.09.11

The Next Unreasonable Advantage in Business?

You’ve heard of cognitive surplus. You see the value in asking the world questions. So what will be the next global idea generator you can tap?

[info][url=]Scooter Braun Projects[/url][/info]


The credit — or blame — for plucking Justin Bieber from YouTube obscurity belongs to Scooter Braun, the latest in a long and not-always storied line of grown-ups turning young artists into pop superstars (paging Joe Jackson and Lou Pearlman). Braun was only 20 when he started promoting parties that attracted hip-hop’s biggest names. Now, he scours video sites to find unknown talent for whom he builds an online fan base. So far, so great: Bieber has 8.8 million Twitter followers, and his “Baby” video is You- Tube’s most-watched clip.[h2]Process[/h2][quote][/quote][h2]Inspiration[/h2][quote][/quote]

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Marc Stoiber is a creative director, entrepreneur, green brand specialist and writer. He works with clients to build resilient, futureproof brands.