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Counterfeit Drugs: Serious Business

While the standard doctor-pharmacy model is still alive and flourishing throughout the civilized world, an uptick in online drug purchases has prompted the creation of an illegal cottage industry. Welcome to the world of counterfeit drugs, a $200-billion arena of deceit and high-profits.

There are certain truths about prescription drugs that cannot be denied:

  • For many, they are too expensive, forcing people to go online in search of cheaper alternatives.
  • For most, they are inconvenient, prompting some to go online in search of "doctor-free" alternatives.
  • While health concerns are often "top of mind" influences, many tend to trust slick websites offering discount drugs because "who would be so bad as to sell fake drugs?"

Unfortunately, many are "so bad" and are willing to put people's health at risk to turn a quick profit.

As this Infographic by SiteJabber demonstrates, we're looking at a $75- to $200-billion industry. The wide range of estimates is an unfortunate effect of a black-market vertical that is growing at speeds that few truly understand.

Pro-tip: buy from a place that has a verifiable physical address. The prices may be lower elsewhere, but how can you be sure you're not popping Viagra instead of an anti-inflammatory?

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