Coming Soon(ish): Tesla’s Model X Crossover Electric Vehicle

Tesla Model S inline

Tesla only has one vehicle model on the road–the flashy Roadster EV–but that hasn’t stopped the automaker from announcing a number of vehicles to be released in the coming years. After Tesla releases the Model S electric sedan next year, the startup plans to release the Model X, a crossover vehicle based on the same architecture as the Model S. And according to Car and Driver, the newest Tesla model will be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

As Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson explained to us at last month’s Detroit Auto Show, the $57,000 Model S is a platform for the Tesla brand, which means it will lead to multiple spin-off vehicles, starting with the Model X. We assume that the Model X will share some of the architecture as the Model S, including an aluminum skin and batteries located under the floor. The vehicle will be released in 2014 or 2015.

Other than that, details on the Model X–including price–are scant. Tesla will say that the Model X will be followed up by an SUV and a coupe based on the same platform. But until Tesla releases a second vehicle, we’re not holding our breath.

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