Infographic of the Day: A Complete Guide to Your Kitchen Tools

Nowadays, everyone’s a chef, what with the surfeit of cooking shows and a Williams-Sonoma in every last mall in America. But do you really know your way around the kitchen? Can you identify a rotary grater, say? Or a mandoline? How about a spider? (Hint: It does not have eight legs.)

This handy poster, by Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab, tests your culinary expertise. It organizes a mind-boggling range of cooking utensils into a single, digestible flow chart. Tools are arranged by function, then broken up into sub-categories (slicers, presses, spoons, etc.). Graphic icons give each tool a simple visual identity. The chart, in full:

What’s impressive here isn’t the presence of exotic kitchen implements — a spider, for the record, is a type of strainer — it’s the sheer amount of gear out there. And the poster doesn’t even begin to cover pots and bakeware. It’s enough to make a culinary neophyte long for the pre-historic days of flint wedges and goat-horn spoons. Does Williams-Sonoma sell those, too?

Buy the poster on pre-order for $20 here. And for more excellent infographics by Pop Chart Lab, go here and here.SL