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Doing Well by Doing Good

Doing Well by Doing Good
Michael Murphy, Mass Design Group

MASS DESIGN GROUP'S Michael Murphy, who was featured as an up-and-coming master of design in October ("Can Design Save the World?"), led his team to victory at the World Architecture Festival's student competition in November. Competitors were asked to create a model of rehabilitation for cities undergoing transformation; the winning plan proposed a vocational school in Port Au Prince, Haiti, embedded in existing temporary settlements as the city is rebuilt. Says Murphy: "We're raising money to implement the next steps."

SINCE WINNING THE $100,000 Do Something prize, 24-year-old Jessica Posner, founder of Kenya's Kibera School for Girls, plans to expand enrollment through the eighth grade and has opened a community health clinic. After reading Fast Company's profile of Posner in October's "Five Millennials Who Have Done Something," Aiducation International offered to provide high-school scholarships to 15 graduates annually. Each will receive up to 1,600 euros (about $2,100) per year. "It's enough to go to some of the best schools in the country," says Posner.

A version of this article appeared in the March 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.