Lady Gaga World Domination Update: A New App With an Eye on Social Networking Celebs

SkyGrid, an app that streams news that interests you in real-time, today launches a new social messaging platform called SkyGrid Groups. The new platform acts as a central hub that enables celebrities, brands, and others to connect with people talking about them across various sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. SkyGrid Groups is partnering with Lady Gaga, among others, for the launch.

Though its name makes it sound like something from a Terminator movie, SkyGrid, founded in 2005, made a name for itself by employing a patented real-time web technology it called “streaming browsing.” As it has unrolled its app to new devices–iPhone, iPad, Android–it has also apparently realized new applications of the technology.

SkyGroups is a free service available on the site. Any public figure (or any representative of a public cause–one of SkyGrid’s launch partners is Ushahidi, which SkyGroups calls “the largest social service in Africa”), can go on the site to pull together the various streams of content–videos, tweets, status updates–he or she wants to incorporate into a group.

Here, a teaser for the new service.

If SkyGroups is potentially useful for artists, brand managers, campaign managers and the like, it’s also useful for their fans. One of Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” (as she calls her fans) might post on Facebook that he’s a fan living in Los Angeles. Lady Gaga could then include that person in a group with other fans in the area, making it easier for those fans to share concert photos, videos, and the like. Then, after a concert, Gaga can aggregate all the related photos, tweets, and status updates in one place. That sure is a more efficient means of communicating with fans than, say, a telephone.DZ