More Tech Tools for Egypt’s Protesters:, an Online Hub for Grassroots Activists


File this under: Timing is still everything. Just in time to help organize Egyptian grassroots activists with restored Internet access, the Alliance for Youth
Movements (AYM) has rebranded itself as, an online hub for digital activists.

The site features all sorts of tips for activists in countries with restricted Internet access, including ideas on how to remain connected in the event of an Internet disruption, how to access blocked websites, and how to boost Facebook security.

To be sure, these are all pieces of advice that can be found on other sites, but also offers case studies for activists involved in digital organizing, as well as “how tos” on everything from holding a successful offline event to creating a podcast on the go.

The AYM has a history of creating change–in 2008, a summit organized by the AYM included leaders of Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement, a protest movement seeking political reform and a democratic government.

“ is the source for anyone who wants to keep up
to date on the use of technology for achieving real social change,” said and Howcast cofounder Jason Liebman in a statement. “We have
existed for three years as a support network for grassroots activists using
digital tools, and today we come out of alpha launch to make our platform and
resources available to everyone.”

In other words, the revolution is now centralized. Check out the video below for more info.


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