Google’s Android Market Launches Online

Android Market

Android-based smartphones just got a big upgrade with the announcement of a web-based Android Market store. The announcement, made at Google’s Honeycomb Android 3.0 operating system event, is a much-needed enhancement for Android users, who previously could only access the market through their phones.

Users can browse, buy apps, and even install apps directly to their Android devices from the store–no cords necessary. The new Android Market also has a much cleaner interface than the smartphone-based market, and features much more prominent user reviews, as well as the ability for customers to share apps via social media. Needless to say, these tweaks to the Market will likely improve sales.

The web-based Market isn’t allowing us to sign in quite yet, but we’re keeping an eye on it. Stay tuned.

Update: the Market is now working, and it’s incredibly easy to use–users simply sign in with their Google account, select apps, and wait for them to download to their smartphones/Android-based tablets.

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