Kinect Hack ‘n Roll: An Inevitable, Awesome, Radiohead-Like Music Video

Echo Lake Kinect hack video Radiohead

This had to happen: Just three years after Radiohead used pro-level laser LIDAR scanners to craft a 3-D music video unlike any you’d seen before, an enterprising hacker has tweaked a Microsoft Kinect to produce a startlingly similar video.

Echo Lake’s single Young Silence is due for release soon–on Valentine’s Day, actually–but it’s already had its music video premier on Vimeo. The video, a still of which is shown above, was crafted by Dan Nixon, a Brighton, U.K,-based filmmaker. Nixon also writes and runs a small indie record label, but it’s his fillmmaking and computer skills we’re celebrating here.

On December 14th of last year Nixon and colleague Dom Jones shot Echo Lake performing their song using a Microsoft Kinect as a camera. Then Nixon “spent the next seven weeks (mostly after work)” transforming the digital footage by hand using “custom applications developed in Cinder” and publicly available Kinect hacking files.

The result? Check it out below:

It’s impressive. But what you should take away from this is that an enterprising hacker used a $150 piece of gaming hardware and hacker-community code (plus seven weeks of spare-time) to produce a music video that is hugely reminiscent of Radiohead’s ground-breaking video for House of Cards back in 2008. That video relied on all sorts of complex and expensive tech to produce–including laser LIDAR scanners that act like light-based radar systems.

Have a peep at the “making of” video below, and then marvel at how quickly technology has leaped in just a couple of years. And then ponder what a runaway success Microsoft has, partly accidentally, on its hands.

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