Zoopy Ditches User-Generated Content, Powers Up Mobile Video Platform

Zoopy Mobile

Zoopy is a multimedia online sharing community based in South Africa. This week the company took a big turn–it abandoned a user-generated content model and morphed into a mobile video site. Zoopy’s CEO, Jason Elk, noted the rise of mobile usage in Africa–and the rise in popularity of mobile video specifically–and the increasing traffic toward professional content in the wake of overwhelming spam. For now Zoopy’s focus is on South Africa, but the service is available globally.

“Internationally we haven’t come across a dedicated mobile video tabloid that delivers video in the way that Zoopy does now with apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android,” Zoopy’s Donald Swanepoel tells Fast Company.
“You have news services that make a few clips available on mobile but not on this scale.”

The service now covers daily international news, from sports to entertainment to politics, packaged by the company itself with local in-house anchors.

“And it’s very innovative if you look at the African digital landscape,” says Swanepoel. “In South Africa only around 30% of the population have access to computers, 50% access to television but more than 90% have access to a mobile phone. So it’s a way to take video news to the majority of the population.”

Mobile is indeed on the rise across Africa–a report out this week indicates that mobile banking in Africa will become a $22 billion industry by 2015.

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