The Loop: Energy Efficiency’s “Livestrong” Symbol?

What is the rallying cry for the nascent energy efficiency movement?

The Loop


What is the rallying cry for the nascent energy efficiency movement?
Last fall, Frog Design organized a day-long session for entrepreneurs,
designers, and executives to sketch out a symbol (or a brand) for energy
efficiency and the smart grid. The session yielded some promising ideas that have been fleshed out into three full-fledged design concepts.

favorite design is the Loop, a mobius strip meant to remind us of “our
contributions to a never-ending natural cycle: from
engineers to consumers, from plants to transmission cables to homes,
from the Earth to our fingertips, and back again.” Frog imagines that
the Loop could at first be used as a lifestyle statement, much like the
Livestrong symbol. Eventually, the Loop could be used as a rooftop
energy generator or plug-in monument to energy efficiency.


The Charge concept features a tungsten solar-powered ring with a lightning bolt symbol in the center. Frog explains:

When you
shake hands, fist bump, or come in close proximity with another ring
wearer, the two rings exchange data and literally start building a
network of energy conscious consumers. A connected smartphone app,
visualizing your real-time energy use, can pull data from your robust
social network and provide an augmented reality, like a pair of energy
X-ray goggles, that allows you to see your environment in a new way.


The final concept, the Faces, is built around a kid-focused fantasy universe populated by heroes that save electrons from human use.
Frog hopes that these characters could eventually be franchised a la
Dora the Explorer, burrowing into the next generation’s energy

Frog doesn’t have concrete plans to commercialize any of these concepts yet, but all of them seem marketable. Which would you choose?

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