• 02.01.11

Grey’s Anatomy Goes Dual-Screen Thursday With This “Sync” iPad App

Lexus is sponsoring the app, which relies on “audio watermarks” and lets users check in to virtual environments within episodes.

That’s clearly the reasoning Lexus, which is sponsoring the app, went through. The app, which launches with Thursday’s episode of the hit medical drama, has a suite of features. A press release announces:


“In addition to exclusive companion content like polls, trivia, behind-the-scenes insights, production details, character bios, video and photo galleries, users will also be able to “check-in” to virtual environments within episodes, such as riding an elevator with Dr. McDreamy. Users can then share their experiences with friends and other fans of the show through their Facebook account.”

The Nielsen platform technology is intriguing; it relies on “audio watermarks” in the TV program to know when to launch related features on the app.

ABC tried its hand at Nielsen’s Sync platform earlier, linked to the program “My Generation”–but the program itself failed due to low ratings. “We went back and said, ‘Let’s try this again with a show that we know
is going to be around for a while,’” Rick Mandler, vice president
of digital media at ABC, said last week at the TVnext conference.

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