An Android Tablet Made Just for School

KIneo e-reader

The iPad, as you may have heard, is the hottest new back-to-school accessory. But Apple doesn’t have a monopoly over the superfluously wired classroom market. Kineo, from Brainchild, is the first Android tablet e-reader designed specifically with students in mind, and in consultation with educators. It’s being announced at the Florida Educational Technology Conference today.

How do you make a tablet safe for school? You take out all the fun stuff. The Kineo is stripped of texting capabilities, has no built-in camera, and can only access websites approved by the teacher. “Teachers can be confident that Kineo is a
secure and safe handheld instructional device because Kineo removes the
temptation for students to text or surf,” said Jeff Cameron,
president of Brainchild, in today’s release. The device is also especially durable, with a heavy-duty touch screen designed to withstand up to 500,000 Cheetos-fingered impressions. Brainchild has been making handhelds for schools for 15 years, so it knows a thing or two about what breaks, and what doesn’t.

One of these devices, which are available to order starting today, will set you back $299. Brainchild will ship the first Kineos in 28 days.

[Image: Business Wire]DZ