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Anybots Releases Segway-Style Telepresence Robot

They're here. After over a year of whetting robot fanatic appetites with the promise of a $15,000 Segway-like telepresence business bot, Anybots has finally started shipping the friendly-faced device named QB.

The bot, billed as the first professional-quality telepresence robot to allow users to work remotely through a simple web interface, features wireless roaming, two-way streaming video, high-definition zoom, and a skinny pole of a body that allows users to navigate through tight spaces.

We spent a week testing the QB bot this past October (read the full article here) at Fast Company's offices, and found it to be a useful and entertaining proxy in the office environment. Instead of waiting for a colleague to return to the Fast Company online chat room, for example, we could hunt him down physically in the office. Check out more of our office adventures in the video below.

QB ships today. Customers should start receiving their bots in March.

Ariel Schwartz can be reached on Twitter or by email.