Android Is Now the Top Smartphone Platform: Report

Guy with huge Android bot

Google’s Android has finally outpaced Nokia’s Symbian as the top-selling smartphone platform, reports Reuters. Canalysis, a research firm, said that Android phones accounted for 32.9 million in sales last quarter, while Symbian sold 31 million.

The growth is remarkable, given Android’s newness. The Droid platform entered the market after Apple, which introduced the iPhone in 2007. Android now has a 33% share of the world smartphone platform market; Symbian has 31%; Apple has 16%, according to Canalysis. The smartphone market as a whole nearly doubled last year, growing by 89%.

Of course, the real showdown we’ve been paying attention to lately is between Apple and Android. Even if the Droid has been growing rapidly, Apple iOS still has some selling points–it has traditionally been a favored platform for app developers.

Then again, even those winds appear to be shifting. Appcelerator recently surveyed 2,000 developers, finding that iPhone and Android were almost neck and neck, with 92% expressing interest in iOS, and 87% looking to develop for the Droid. More on that survey here.

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