Ditching Your AT&T iPhone for Verizon? E-Cycle Is Here to Help

broken iPhone

E-cycle, the cell phone recycling and data security company we first wrote about a few weeks ago, today announces a cheeky move: It will be offering AT&T iPhone buybacks at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

“With the upcoming release of the iPhone 4 from Verizon on February 10th, we anticipate an exorbitant number of AT&T iPhone users converting to the iPhone 4 by Verizon,” said Chris Irion, Founder and CEO of e-Cycle in a press release today. E-Cycle, incidentally, is an “official buyback and recycling partner of Verizon Wireless.”

E-Cycle’s main selling points have traditionally been its environmental friendliness (it’s been ranked one of the fastest growing environmental services firms) and its data-securing expertise (they have strict procedures in place to assure the sternest of BlackBerry-toting business folk). But by making it the official outlet for AT&T frustration, e-Cycle may have found its cleverest business model yet. (For more specs on e-Cycle, including how to earn back something on the order of $130 for an old iPhone, check back to our earlier post.)

Expect one booth at the Macworld Expo to have all the jubilation of one of those end-of-school-year, textbook-burning bonfires.

[Image: Flickr user mager]DZ