iFive: ISP Data Retention, Facebook Credits Grows, Groceries from Amazon, Google Buying Fflick, White iPhone 4 Finally Inbound

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1. The Justice Department is moving Congress to enforce mandatory data retention by ISPs on every U.S. citizen’s net activity. It’s a move to stop “frustrated” criminal investigators who often can’t get access to this info to support ongoing investigations. But it has to be noted the DoJ isn’t exactly endearing itself to the world as a champion of free speech–it still has egg on its face about its moves to force Twitter to give up information about foreign WikiLeaks staff.


2. Seems that Facebook’s Credits system can’t be adopted fast enough, so Facebook’s taking the step of forcing all “social game developers on the Facebook canvas platform” to use them to process in-game payments starting July 1st. It’s not strong-arming other in-game payment systems out–yet–but it’s enticing coders with early access to product features, featured status and so on. For us users, it means Facebook’s Credits platform is taking another step to being a ubiquitous online digital currency.

3. Will you soon buy your groceries from online bookseller Amazon? It’s possible–Amazon is planning a national expansion of its smaller local grocery delivery services and has begun recruitment efforts to support what could be an enormous operation. Will this stir big-name supermarkets to drop prices and step up their options for home delivery?

4. Google’s rumored to be in the process of acquiring social media firm Fflick for around $10 million. This is a paltry sum for leviathan Google, but the interest is really in what Google could do with the code (or human talent) behind Fflick’s “sentiment engine” that it uses to drive its movie recommendation system. Will Google wire a sense of feeling or emotion into its main search engine operations? Vanity Googling would take on a whole new meaning.

5. The elusive white iPhone 4 (c’mon, admit it, you want one) is a much sought after gizmo, and it’s much delayed due to technical woes. Now it’s appeared on the websites of two of the U.K.’s cell phone networks, and hints suggest it’s hitting store inventories in the U.S., too. Countdown to an official unveil in 3…2…

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