Google’s Online Marketing Challenge Offers Big Bucks to Nonprofits

Google AdWords

Nonprofits, listen up: Google wants to give you cash–if you partner with a winning school in Google’s Online Marketing Challenge.

The annual competition challenges undergraduate and graduate students to generate effective marketing campaigns using Google AdWords. In past years, students teamed up with businesses to set up $200 AdWords accounts and build marketing campaigns. But this year, entrants have the option to work with small to medium-sized NGOs as well.

Here’s how it works: Students build their campaigns during the three-week campaign window, which begins on January 31st. Afterward, campaigns are analyzed for effectiveness by both Google and a group of independent academics. If winning campaign organizers have partnered with NGOs, they have the chance to win the NGO Impact Award–a distinction that comes with a first place donation of $15,000 to the NGO, second place prize of $10,000 and third place prize of $5,000. It’s a chance for marketing students to hone their craft, and make a difference in the process.

Google is accepting entrants here.

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