YouTube Trends Catches Moscow Airport Bombing Aftermath [Warning: Graphic Content]

YouTube’s new Trends channel has posted video of the immediate aftermath of the bombing at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport this morning, which officials are calling a terror attack. The death toll as of the time of this post was more than 30 people. The New York Times, Drudge Report, and other promiment media are already linking to the video below. Could Trends be turning into a hub for breaking news video?

Trends launched in December of 2010 with a backward-looking mission more suited to finding adorable cats than shocking images of possible terrorist acts. “Every morning, we comb through YouTube’s search data to investigate top spiking search terms and the videos they lead to,” said an official blog post earlier today.

And it seems YouTube is still figuring out the appropriate mix of videos; the airport footage is across from a list of trending videos that includes the “Greatest putt-putt shot of all time” and “Lazy Teenage Superheroes.”

But today’s airport footage suggests that the Trends page could become the place where YouTube not only highlights its own popular hits, but combs through new uploads for video relevant to actual trending news events.

Warning: This video includes some pretty graphic content of the carnage from the Moscow airport bombing.