Infographic of the Day: The Coen Brothers’ Menagerie of Actors

Is it any question that the Coen Brothers are a national treasure? Okay so maybe that seems like an exaggeration (even though it isn’t), but we’re pretty damn partial to True Grit. Next week, the Academy Awards are letting loose their nominations, and we think they should consider going Coen.

Anyway, you can point to all sorts of things that make the Joel and Ethan geniuses: Their singular sense of humor, their gorgeous cinematography and art direction, their ear for dialogue that rings true and ridiculous at the same time. But maybe the least discussed aspect of the Coen aesthetic is the fact that they’ve created a tight little universe of actors whom they work with time and time again. Part of the way you know you’re watching a Coen Brothers movie is by the cast.

To that end, the graphic design firm Muller has created an awesome guide to the favored actors in the Coen orbit, which shows what they’ve been in through the years. There’s even a little tally on the left-hand margin, showing the awards that the Coen’s have won — six Oscars to date, as a matter of fact. Here’s to hoping for a couple more.


[Via Muller]CK