Comeback Kid: Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin Drops Cash for Qwiki

Eduardo Saverin–co-founder of Facebook and soon-to-be billionaire–has returned. When we last heard from Saverin, he was jousting with Justin Timberlake (aka Sean Parker), suing Mark Zuckerberg, and generally getting screwed out of his Facebook fortune–that is, as the lead role in David Fincher’s Golden Globe-winner The Social Network, played brilliantly by Andrew Garfield.

Now, fictional accounts aside, Saverin is back in the game as the lead investor in hot startup Qwiki, which aims to improve the way we experience information and which just raised $8 million in financing.

“I am in a situation today where I can do what I love,” Saverin told the New York Times. “Facebook has been a big thing and will be a big thing. Qwiki is early stage, but they are on the path to be a game changer.”

That and other clichés have become Saverin’s forté. A few months ago, he took to CNBC for a tell-all about what he learned from founding Facebook–and what he learned was a whole lot of boilerplate. “True innovation is blind,” he wrote at the time. “Entrepreneurship involves mistakes and failures. [Entrepreneurs] will struggle. They will fight. Many will fail. Others will thrive. The creation of a business from the embryo of a concept is the genius of the entrepreneur. There are no boundaries as to who can be an entrepreneur.”

Applying that wisdom to Qwiki, perhaps the startup will fail. Perhaps it will thrive. Perhaps it will involve mistakes and failures and struggle. Perhaps there are no boundaries to what Saverin can build Qwiki in to.

How could any investor turn down that elevator pitch?