Mace Is Bringing Tiny, Personal GPS to the U.S.

Mace Buddi GPS


Mace, manufacturer of face-burning tear gas and pepper spray, is getting into the softer side of personal security with Buddi, a matchbox-car-sized GPS device designed to keep track of children, dementia patients, the elderly, and anyone who fears for their safety.

As part of the company’s deal with, Mace will become the North American distributor of the MaceBuddi locator device, which reports the position of the wearer, features a push-button panic alert,
voice communication, and a “fall alert” that calls a response center when the wearer crashes to the ground. The device can also create a safe zone around the wearer–so if grandma strays outside of your house, the device will set off an alert.

An alert from the MaceBuddi device will trigger a call to Mace’s central
monitoring station, where live operators will coordinate with family members, neighbors, and first responders to keep track of the situation.

The MaceBuddi isn’t the first personal GPS tracking device, but the company claims that its long battery life and location accuracy beats the competition. And of course, having the Mace name attached to a personal security device doesn’t hurt.

No word on how much the MaceBuddi will cost, but the original U.K. version costs $1,889 for lifetime service.

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