Only 17% of Americans Would Trade Places With Steve Jobs, 10% With Mark Zuckerberg

Who would you to trade places with, if you could have any job in the world? Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Barack Obama top a new survey on the world’s most sought-after jobs.



Steve Jobs. The billionaire CEO of Apple who made Pixar a huge success. His creations have revolutionized whole industries, and are doted on like works of art. The guy makes more magazine covers than Oprah. He’s seen at times as a religious figure, heralded as a genius, an innovator, and an irreplaceable executive.

And yet less than a fifth of Americans would want to trade places with him.

According to a new survey out this week by HR firm Adecco, just 17% of respondents said they’d want Steve Jobs’ position as CEO of Apple. Tied with Jobs was Warren Buffet, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, followed by President Obama and Martha Stewart at 11% each. Mark Zuckerberg garnered just 10% of the vote.

Who wouldn’t want to head up Apple? Buffet’s job seems like a headache–having to deal with investors, finance mumbo-jumbo, and spreadsheets–and Zuckerberg’s constantly plagued by privacy complaints and consumer watchdogs. Obama’s job isn’t exactly stress-free either. But it’s surprising that Jobs, who runs one of the coolest companies out there, wouldn’t inspire more job envy.

Other sought-after positions include CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and the Miami Heat’s LeBron James. A shockingly high 3% of respondents also said they would want the job of MTV reality star Snooki (She has a job?), and for those respondents without a high school diploma, that figure balloons to 15%.

Here’s how the rest of the list shaped up:


Steve Jobs: CEO of Apple, 17%
Warren Buffet: Investor and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, 17%
Barack Obama: President of the United States, 11%
Martha Stewart: TV personality and media mogul, 11%
Anderson Cooper: CNN Anchor and journalist, 10%
Mark Zuckerberg: Founder and CEO of Facebook, 10%
LeBron James: NBA Player for the Miami Heat, 5%
Anna Wintour: Editor of Vogue Magazine, 4%
Snooki: TV Reality Star from MTV’s “The Jersey Shore,” 3%

Who would you to trade places with, if you could have any job in the world? Sure, it might be sweet to hang out in Cupertino with the Apple folks, but then again, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jersey shore.

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