Wanted: A Guitar Hero Fire Sculpture

To judge from his website, Chris Marion is a high school student who likes math, fire, and DIY projects. One of his latest don’t-try-this-at-home projects (that he appears to have tried at home) is alternately being called a “fire organ” or “fire sculpture.” It looks like a seriously fearsome menorah, with blow torches in place of candles. The coolest part? Marion rigged it to a Guitar Hero controller, meaning he and his friends can rock out to heavy metal jams while physically (pyrotechnically) incarnating the rhythmic lights associated with the game.

This calls for a video:

The project, which caught the attention of Make, was inspired in part by a similar, though less intricate, “fire trampoline,” which shot off fireballs in conjunction with someone jumping up and down.

The utility and monetizability of Marion’s innovation remains to be seen. But everyone is familiar with ice sculptures, and a few have tried their hands at water sculptures–so isn’t it time we saw more fire sculptures? This could be one of the most important pyromaniac innovations since the firecracker.DZ