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FedEx vs UPS: By the Numbers

Until someone comes up with a way to email packages or Tweet deliveries, we're going to rely on FedEx, UPS, and USPS to send anything that can't be translated into ones and zeros. How do the two private shipping companies stack up against each other?

FedEx vs UPS: By the Numbers

 Does Brown do it for you? Is FedEx shipping things to your world on time? Like Coke vs. Pepsi and iPhone vs. Android, when there are two major brands dominating a particular market, it normally comes down to personal preference.

This infographic by our friends at PackageFox breaks down the numbers for us. Not surprisingly, they're very similar, but there is data in there that may help you make a decision on who to use next time it's time to ship a sweater to Aunt Tilly.

 Fedex vs UPS

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