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6 Tips for Navigating the Rough Waters of Branding (infographic)

Brand identity expert David Brier creates his first Fast Company infographic of 2011, offering 6 tips to successfully survive the rough waters of branding in today’s economy.

Looking at some of the ways businesses had to navigate themselves over the last 12 months, it’s amazing there wasn’t more wreckage washed ashore. To help those still afloat, here is an infographic that gives some basic guidelines to ride that wave to the shores of paradise.

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Recipient of over 320 national and international design and branding recognitions and awards, David Brier is a brand-identity designer, author, and branding expert. His firm’s work has earned the respect and admiration of peers and organizations but has, more importantly, helped clients jump-start their brands in new and innovative ways, even (and especially) when they’ve failed in previous brand makeovers. David also started Brands That Defy Gravity, an open group on LinkedIn which you can join here. Most recently, David’s celebrated work for Botanical Bakery was selected for the 2010 Communication Arts Design Annual and will be featured in “The Big Book of Packaging.”

Since you’ve read this far, you can request your own Free copy of “The Lucky Brand” eBook.

David Brier

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Brand identity expert, veteran designer, author, speaker and Fast Company expert blogger. He’s been written about in Forbes.com, INC and Fortune Small Business.



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