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How Marc Belton's Online Communities Are Boosting Boomer Health
Photograph by Aaron Wojack
Photograph by Aaron Wojack

Marc Belton
EVP, global strategy, growth, and marketing innovation, General Mills

Belton, 51, is boosting boomers' health by creating engaging and interactive communities online.

"It's our job to create healthier products for boomers — if you don't, you've got no street cred. But life isn't just about health benefits; it's about engagement and community. People like to talk about themselves and be part of a story. One of our websites, Eat Better America, asks consumers to submit their favorite unhealthy recipes, and our team will healthify them. We recently launched a site with Yahoo called Vitality, which celebrates people who begin a new career during retirement. A campaign tied to Cheerios, which has seen tremendous growth in the boomer market because of the heart-health benefits, features an online community where consumers talk about why they want to take care of their heart, whether it's for their kids or their work or staying vital as they age. We highlight heroes of the campaign — one man used to be in terrible health but now runs marathons — to inspire others. We're creating a conversation."

A version of this article appeared in the February 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.