Best Buy’s Geek Squad to Charge Up Ford’s Electric Focus

Best Buy is rapidly becoming the place to go for all things related to electric transportation. First the electronics giant started selling electric motorcycles, then it announced a plan to host electric vehicle charge stations at its stores, and last year Best Buy teamed up with Eaton Corporation and Mitsubishi to offer charging installation services for the car company’s upcoming EVs. Best Buy’s stake in the EV market is only going to expand from here–this week, the chain announced a plan to sell 240-volt home charging stations for Ford’s 2012 electric Focus.

The charging station purchase process is simple: Focus owners set up an installation appointment with Best Buy through their car dealers, a Geek Squad agent shows up at their house to do an electrical audit, and an appointment with a master electrician is scheduled. The charging station, which will retail for $1,499 when the Focus goes on sale next year, will also be sold in-store nationwide at Best Buy locations.

According to Ford, the charge station juices up the Focus in as little as three to four hours–half the time that it takes to charge the Nissan Leaf, a Focus competitor.

“As more people gravitate toward electric-powered transportation, home energy management becomes an important consideration, and Best Buy intends to be actively engaged in providing convenient, easy-to-access solutions from both our retail and service support operations,” explained Chad Bell, senior director of New Business Solutions Group at Best Buy, in a statement.

Ford’s Focus, the first all-electric passenger car from the company, will feature a top speed of 84 mph, 123 horsepower, and a 23 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery system. No word yet on the vehicle’s range or final pricing.

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