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Failure is always an option. That is, if you want to wildly succeed.

Why is it the media, folks on various social media sites and a multitude of others are absolutely giddy when someone or some large company fails at something? The most successful people I have ever met have failed miserably in the past at something, if not several things. It's because they aren't afraid to try something new and they learn from those failures and move forward.  Others are left behind never trying new things, never making mistakes and never learning anything about what works and what doesn't.

For every next best thing, there is a landfill full of things that didn't work. KISS without the makeup, New Coke, Google Wave, Clear Pepsi, my acting career in Los Angeles, possibly Skating With the Stars, and on and on.

The best thing about our failures is that while others reveling in our mistakes, smugly thinking they are superior...we are off somewhere creating the next best thing!

I suggest you get to work and go try to fail at something.