How Trojan Slipped Into CES

Why is the condom maker showcasing its sexy wares at the Vegas electronics show?



The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is filled with sexy gizmos, but the event itself isn’t a showcase for sex. For that, visitors usually pop over to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, which happens at the same time as CES. So why is Trojan showcasing its wares at the geeky electronics show?

“CES is a great forum for innovators and innovations. We have a reason
to be here,” explains Mike Harrison, Trojan’s condom developer and chief
principle scientist. “We’re showing innovative consumer electronics products.”

Trojan plans to exhibit four new items: the Tri-Phoria vibrator, the Pulse vibrator, the Twister vibrator, and the ultra-thin BareSkin condom, which is the thinnest latex condom ever produced by the company.

What makes these products unique, says Harrison, is that Trojan approaches their development like a consumer products company–each product spends up to three years in development and goes through rigorous testing with consumers at the early stages. The vibrators and condoms, for example, first go through a “bedroom panel” with 20 to 30 couples. That panel yields design refinements for the next testing stage of 100 to 150 couples.

“A lot of products on the market are just companies taking electronic components and making some kind of box that vibrates,” says Harrison.


The Tri-Phoria–a vibrator with three interchangeable tips, eight settings, five speeds, and three pulse patterns (pictured above)–is already on the market, as is the BareSkin condom. The external stimulation-focused Pulse and twisted handle-equipped Twister will be released in the near future.

The Consumer Electronics Association claims, for its part, that accepting Trojan into CES was a logical decision. “As a manufacturer of consumer electronics
products that fall within the digital health category, Trojan is an
exhibitor in the Living in Digital Times Tech Zone at CES,” writes Jason Oxman, Senior Vice President of  Industry Affairs at CEA, in an e-mail to

And according to Harrison, this won’t be the last time Trojan is at the electronics show. The condom company is set to become a mainstay in the coming years as it churns out even more sexed-up electronic toys.

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