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Google Bike Lets Riders Virtually Navigate the Neighborhood

Google Bike

Is there any limit to the amount of clever hacks a computer-literate person can perform with Google Earth? One of the best we've seen mashes together a bike computer with Google Earth to create Google Bike, a virtual bike-riding program.

The hack, which comes courtesy of Instructables, requires a stationary bike or indoor bike stand, a bike cadence sensor, an Arduino, a joystick, and a computer outfitted with Windows or OS X. Perform a little hackery and voila, the bike computer's sensor detects tire rotation, which is read by the Arduino (along with information about the turning angle provided from the joystick), sent to the computer via USB cable, and used to navigate a virtual bike inside Google Earth.

Check it out below.

Ariel Schwartz can be reached on Twitter or by email.