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Toyota Unveils "Entune," Bringing on Board Pandora, Bing

At the Consumer Electronics Show today in Las Vegas, Toyota unveiled its new multimedia system, which integrates with your smartphone.

Toyota Unveils "Entune," Bringing on Board Pandora, Bing

Driving a Toyota just became a more wired—and hopefully safer—experience, with the announcement of the car company's forthcoming multimedia system, Entune. Like Ford's Sync system, Entune banks on the fact that many drivers will have a smartphone with a comprehensive data plan, and integrates with users' devices through an app.

A lot of partners have come on board with Toyota for Entune, including Bing for navigation, Pandora for music, for showtimes, and OpenTable for dinner reservations. It will all be powered by voice recognition, with the help of a companies called Nuance and Voice Box Technologies.

"Consumers have grown accustomed to having the world at their fingertips through their mobile phones," said Toyota's Jon Bucci in a release. "And unlike other industry solutions, Entune allows the driver to interact with informative and entertaining mobile content without fumbling with their phone."

According to Toyota, Entune will be available in "select vehicles" sometime in 2011.