• 01.03.11

From Katy to Ke$ha, Gaga to Bieber: The Year in Music

As technology draws the battle lines between governments and downloaders, labels and artist, one thing remains constant in the music industry: More songs keep getting sung. The styles may change and the trends may shift but when you take a beat, add some instruments, and put a singer to work, the heart of society is formed.

 Many will call it the year of the women as females dominated awards and topped the music charts in 2010. Lady Gaga, Kary Perry, and Ke$ha made a good chunk of the news with Justin Bieber hanging in there to give men some representation (sort of).


MySpace takes a look at the year that was and breaks it down in this graphic time-line.

2010 Music

Click the image to see their take on it and to enlarge.

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